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Bubble Wrap

E403B Bubble Wrap

1. Save 90% storage space and 35% shipping cost : It‘s just a roll of film when not inflated, require much less storage space than other packaging materials. Inflate it when you need the packaging air bubbles. Made of 99% air and only 1% film, it can provide perfect protective packaging for your goods during the shipment, but won‘t increase any shipping weight.

2. Improve packaging efficiency by 25% : No need to cut, every piece air bubble can be easily tear off.

3. Perfect protective packaging : The film is sealed very well, no wrinkles on the film edge, no air leakage after using for long time, an ideal protective packaging solutions for your goods.

4. Expand your brand : Customization service available, we can print your company logo on the film, or customize the film color, thickness, size etc.
    Model : E403B Bubble Wrap Film

    Specification : 40cm * 31cm (16in * 12in)

    Length : 280 meters per roll

    About 900 pieces packaging air bubbles

    Thickness : 25μm

    Material : HDPE


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