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Air Cushion Machine

Silver EA160 Air Cushion Machine

1.  Machine Size: (L)430mm*(W)190mm*(H)195mm, weight: 2.6 kg (5.7lb).   

2.  Speed: about 12m/min (40ft/min), no preheat, working immediately.

3.  Better film sealing functions, lead the top level in the industry.

4.  Auto-Temperature control: EA160 machine can adjust the temperature automatically to work normally in very cold or hot environment.
5.  Compatible with all kinds of air pillow film, bubble wrap film and bubble bags. Especially for anti-static film, biodegradable film.
6.  Adjustable air volumn: Produce the most suitable packaging air bubbles according to individual demands.
7.  Timed work available.
8.  100V-240V voltage all available, works all over the world.

9.   Triple service life high temperature belt, five time service life Alloy-Steel blade than others.
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